• Menuisier Surfboards

    Menuisier Surfboards was initiated as a project during the bachelor thesis of me and Leandro Destefani at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. Surfing is a young sport in Senegal which is mainly reserved to tourists because senegalese people can’t afford the expensive imported surfboards. Additionally common surfboards ding easily and there’s a lack of reparing materials. Based on these facts we tried to find resources and production methods in Senegal that have the required qualities to build a surfboard. In Dakar we found many carpenters with high expertise and wood is an easy accessable building material. Because of that we decided to team up with local carpenters to find out how we could build a wooden surfboard with their possibilites. As a result of this collaboration we created a construction manual with which every carpenter can build a wooden surfboard. The construction manual for our first Menuisier Surfboards shape, the MS PATAAS is open source and available here. During the second stage of the project we teamed up with Adama “Happy” Ba. Happy is a senegalese surfer who worked as a carpenter for seven years and then worked as a surfguide for NGor Island Surf Camp since. With Happy we found our perfect partner for Menuisier Surfboards to improve the first Menuisier Surfboards shape and work on further shapes. Happy is also taking care of Menuisier Surfboards in Senegal when we are gone again. Starting as a project Menuisier Surfboards turned now into a surfbrand.
  • Stereo Furniture

    This piece of furniture was planned and built during the last two weeks of the carpenter internship. 
  • Disinfectant Dispenser

    In cooperation with Sarah Lüdi and Armin Rostov Peters a series of three disinfectant dispensers was developed for B. Braun with special attention on simple production, easy cleaning and maintenance. The three different models are all built on the same base but are being released either by hand, elbow or sensor.
  • Bed System R1

    The quality of a bed system is nowadays largely defined by the mattress. The slatted frame a shadowy existence. The technique of the slatted base, however, is much more understandable, because of its visibility for the user. The system R1 is dedicated to the functional improvement of the slatted frame. R1 stabilizes the body of the sleeping person using the force effects of the body weight. Therefor the slats are arranged lengthwise. Cooperation with Jan-Kristof Nemeth and Armin Peters.
  • Folding Table

    The Folding Table is made out of three edge bended aluminum sheets. The three parts are connected on miter and fastened with an encircling belt. Optional there is a thin wooden layer attached to give the table a more pleasant haptic.
  • Dreispitzkarre

    Dreispitzkarre is a concept for a product that can be built to learn the different processing methods that are taught in the modelmaking course at FHNW HGK Industrial Design. Cooperation with Andreas Bhend and Maria Salchli.
  • more inside

    "The perfect fit for every closet." – www.moreinside.ch – Graphic & web design, frontend & backend development, illustration, layout, rendering, product design, packaging design. 2008-2010
  • Manusacktur

    Manusacktur was a notional company during a team workshop week in summer 2013 at HGK FHNW. The goal of the company was to find services and products that help students while studying and living in a new city (in this case Basel).